For the past two years we have navigated the prescribed provincial health measures surrounding COVID-19. I wish to thank our client families and community for their patience and graciousness as we endeavoured to follow the mandated guidelines. 

As restrictions lift on March 21st, we understand many of our client families will have varying degrees of comfort with the return to “normal”. Please know that we understand your concerns and will personalize our service to you, based upon your comfort level.  No pressure – just what works for you.

We have learned much through the past two-year period of COVID-19 restriction and have been vividly reminded of the importance of our primary purpose.  We exist to help those suffering loss to say “good-bye” to their loved-one, which is best done in a way meaningful to them.

Thank you for visiting our website. 

We are here to help when you need us.  If we may be of assistance, please call us at (902) 752-8866.


Peter K. MacDonald,

Funeral Director